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Ghana Projects

Volunteers enjoying the children of Ghana 

The GV journey began in Ghana in 1997. A desire to work for the underserved on the part of Frazier Mathis and a yearning for someone to offer assistance in his country (Ghana) by Matthew Bediako brought the two together. A pre trip to Bekwai enabled them to find an area that was in need of a new church.  From that initial encounter, the following projects were completed in Ghana. The projects were completed with the help of volunteer mission teams:

    • 1998 built a new church for local community
    • 1999 built a library for a local secondary school
    • 2000 returned to Bekwai Secondary School--with computers--and moved students into a functioning library
    • 2001 fundraiser in U.S. and raised enough to fund a new church
    • 2002 returned to Ghana and built the Pepperdine church
    • 2003 assisted Bekwai Secondary school in completing a new girls dormitory.  Raised funds for building and traveled with mission team to work on finishing details.  We were able to assist in the final move in for the girls.
All of these projects were in the same general area.  The impact and difference Global Vessels had made on the local community was apparent. It was time too move on and help another area! 


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