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Explore short term mission trips with Global Vessels; and you’ll never be the same! Not only do we work hard, we take a few days to explore the surrounding culture. We offer short term missions—with everlasting effects!

Our trips are diversified. Depending on the selected project, these are examples of what mission team members have been engaged in:

  • Building churches (brick and mortar)
  • Building homes for needy villagers
  • Organizing and implementing Vacation Bible School at the orphanage
  • Maintenance of the property (i.e. painting, window repair, etc.)
  • Assisting Medical personnel
  • Presenting workshops
  • Working with food personnel


2 weeks (there have been some opportunities for 9-12-month volunteer trips).
Most trips are in July. We have often accommodated “spring break” trips for high school students. There is flexibility for group trips.
Wherever needed. Most of our trips have been to Tanzania and Ghana. However, we have also travelled to The Congo, Ethiopia, South Africa, and to Texas (to offer service to Katrina victims who migrated there immediately after the hurricane).
Most of your training will be on the job, but we will meet several times before the mission trip begins for short training sessions.

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